“Treat. Yo. Self”

For your essay, I chose the YouTube link above. It is a scene from Parks and Recreation, and the two characters (I don’t really watch the show so I don’t know their names, sorry) take out one of their friends for a day. Throughout the scene, they decide to treat themselves to things that make them happy. I think this scene can expand upon what you started in your essay. I like the idea of your investigation, but I would also like to see you explain in more depth what your daily routine is like so the reader can see how stressed or unhappy you are on a daily basis. This way, we can compare how you are when you treat yourself to when how you are usually (this connects to the end of the video scene when the friend begins to cry). I think the contrast would make your essay stronger, and show the reader that you are changing your daily routine because it took me a little while to figure out what you were investigating. I think it would also be interesting if you decided to treat a friend. Maybe you could talk about how doing something nice for someone else, or how making their day made you feel, and what their reaction to you doing something nice for them was.


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