“Being My Own Mother”


I really enjoyed your essay and I think the link above will further expand upon your essay. I thought the way you created the scene with you not being picked up from school was effective. However, I felt that since the title of your essay was about being a mother, I would like to know more about your relationship with your own mother. Has your relationship changed as you have grown older or has it stayed relatively the same? Did the incident that you experience happen before or was that the first (and last) time was late? How has your independence shaped you and was there ever a time you needed to depend on someone and how did you feel? I think that answering some of these questions will help you define not only your relationship with your mother (which is what the article does) but also allow you to better understand yourself. You could even go further and explore more in depth the relationship with your sibling(s) and friends. Do you act like the mom in the relationship? Are there certain incidents you can talk about where you wanted to be there for your friends so they wouldn’t experience something similar to what you did? Was there a time you let someone down? How did that make you feel?


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