“Staring Up At The Ceiling”


I think the article above will further expand upon and complicate your essay. I think you did a really good job setting the tone for the essay and I really enjoyed how you went through your sleep progression starting from when you were a child. Something I found myself wondering while I was reading your essay was whether or not you had tried things or tactics to help you fall asleep. I think exploring this aspect of your sleep issue (connecting to the article) would help the reader better connect with the issues you are facing. Perhaps you tried counting sheep, pills, drinking. I think it would be interesting if you also went through some of the things you think about while you are sleeping. Do you feel isolated knowing everyone else is asleep? I know we talked about this in class today, but I would also like to know more about some dreams and nightmares you may have had, and maybe if part of your issue with falling asleep is from having nightmares. I think you could also talk about some of the dreams or nightmares you had when you were younger and how maybe your dreams and nightmares have changed as you grew older. Overall, I would try to expand upon your relationship with sleep.


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