“You Can’t Sit With Us”

A new bullying: social exclusion

I believe the article above will help complicate your essay. It discusses social exclusion as a form of bullying, and the consequences it can have on a person’s childhood. I thought the way you set up your scene was really effective. However, I think what your paper needs is a central question or issue to explore. How does what you experienced as a child affect your life now? Do you find yourself having trouble in social situations, or do you feel more confident in yourself? How did finding new friends that you identify more with change your view of both yourself and your old friends? Did you every reconnect with your old friends, or did you not talk to them again? What has being socially excluded taught you? Does it make you think of friendships differently? I think exploring these questions will not only strengthen your essay but also add more depth that can address the positive and negative consequences of your experience.


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